Not everyone knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up. It almost seems that most career options we grew up with during childhood were much more exciting than the career we actually got in to. Not too many mortgage specialists grew up wanting to be mortgage specialists, although the experts at Cannect tell us they knew this was there dream since childhood. However, most daydreaming youngsters probably dreamed about one day growing up to be an astronaut or an actress.

Most kids dream about growing up and leading a luxurious and glamorous life. Or one in which they helped people. Careers such as doctor, lawyer, police officer, chef, director, singer, hockey goalie, etc., were the careers people wanted. You never heard someone say they wanted to grow up and be a waste collector. Most kids probably didn't even know that such a job existed. The truth of the matter is that unless you are extremely talented or are willing to work your butt off to follow one of the above mentioned career options, those careers are likely out of reach.

Most people will stumble upon their career path or spend their adult lives going from trade mark Canadian job to computer repair job, hoping that one sticks. Not everyone finds his or her dream job. A lot of the times, most people don't even know what job or career they want. Luckily there's a service out there for people who don't want to work at a lead bar supply shop the rest of their lives. That service they have is career guidance help.

There are a variety of career guidance centres you can go to for help finding the career that's right for you. Seeing a career guidance counselor can help you get some sort of clarity on your work future. All you really have to do is open up. Talk about your career aspirations, provide information about what you're good at, what you like to do, etc. You might also have to fill out some forms and take some tests to help determine your future career.

With the help of a career guidance centre you will come away with a greater sense of purpose. You'll be given career options that you can start to follow through with. You might actually find a job in a career in which you enjoy showing up for work everyday. It could be at a school teaching English courses or at an art store making art supplies. Whatever your true passions are, a career guidance centre will help you find them and bring them out.

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