Some people might think that living in Mississauga means that you're sacrificing some of the easy transit options that those in downtown Toronto enjoy. But the truth is that whether you need to get to your tanning appointment or to work that you can likely do it easily and in a reasonable amount of time using MiWay, the Mississauga transit system.

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This system has nearly one hundred different routes that run throughout the city and they are making it as simple as possible to get you where you need to go with ease. You can now use their website, their iPhone or iPod application or MiWay mobile to find everything from a food store to yoga classes. Mississauga transit system's website allows you to enter in your starting and ending points and find a variety of routes that will get you there. It will also show you the most up-to-date schedules including recent changes and delays. If you've recently moved to the area and need to find the route to a school or business, Mississauga transit can help you there as well with their Click 'n Ride trip planner.

Transit services are free to children three and under, people with vision loss, and support persons. The regular cash fare for a one-way ride is three dollars and tickets are available in packs of five and ten for children, students, adults, and seniors. If you're working in an office and need to get to work every day or are taking the city bus to school than you might also want to consider getting a weekly or monthly pass. Seniors and students are required to have photo ID to receive their discount. If you have a PRESTO pass than you can also load this for use on MiWay buses.

Many people need access to GO Transit and other systems that will take them throughout the GTA. You can use your PRESTO pass between many of these different lines and many Mississauga buses will take you right to transfer spots. Transfers can be used to access the Brampton, Oakville and Toronto transit systems. There are also connections that will take you to places where you can access Burlington Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, and the York Region Transit system. If you're living in Mississauga than you are definitely not without transportation options to get you where you're going.

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