Most people think of where they live only in terms of the city and province, because in most parts of Canada there aren't any governments between their municipal government and their provincial government. In Ontario, things are different. For example, the homes for sale you're looking at won't just make you a part of the city of Brampton, just as the homes you're considering won't just make you a part of the area. They will also make you a part of their home region, which in Brampton and Mississauga's case is Peel.

A region is much like a county, except that in Ontario it gets much more involved in the day to day running of the municipalities within its sphere. There are usually several municipalities under the jurisdiction of each region, along with a sizeable portion of unincorporated farmland. The region of Peel, for example, includes the municipalities of Mississauga, Caledon, and Brampton, and the farmland in between so if you're looking to set up warehouse space Mississauga zoning restrictions may have you dealing with red tape from the regional level.

The region of Peel offers municipal services much like any city, but with taxes coming in from three cities, people who live in rural areas have better access to services than they normally would if they were on their own. Therefore taxes an individual pays, are actually helping to support the rural areas that form the bread basket of the region, feeding the more cramped municipal areas that aren't able to spare land for farming. It's a symbiotic arrangement that you will see replicated throughout Ontario.

So what sorts of services can you expect from the region of Peel? Well, they have just about everything you could expect if you were attending an English course in downtown Toronto. They have garbage pickup and recycling, emergency services such as police, paramedics, and fire, hospitals and clinics run by public funds, a tap water distribution infrastructure, a public works department to handle roads and utilities, social services to protect children and the disabled, and a housing department that can work with you if you cannot afford the cost of living. They can even help you find reliable child care if your household cannot spare an adult for this purpose.

The Region of Peel also has comprehensive plans to help improve life in the region for residents, protect the environment, and attract new business investment that will bring new jobs. If you've just moved to the Peel region, visit the Region of Peel website at to see what services they have to offer you and arrange for your utilities to be hooked up and your property taxes paid. If you have a free moment, why not pay a visit to our sponsor at BNI Forest City, London Ontario business networking

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