When it comes time to look for the house of your dreams, which neighborhood will you choose? Mississauga is nearly as big as Toronto and its neighborhoods are many and varied. Some are lovely, others are up and coming, and still others should be avoided. One of the ways a lot of people use to decide which neighborhoods are a good match for them is by determining which are the most popular neighborhoods. After all, the majority can't be wrong, can they? Here are some of the most popular (and therefore most expensive!) neighborhoods in Mississauga.

Meadowvale Village

Once its own separate town, Meadowvale has since been incorporated into Mississauga and Meadowvale Village became the upscale planned community that was begun in the 1970s. Much of Meadowvale is traffic calmed and on the heritage list, so you won't get the frantic traffic and construction nearby like you would if you chose an Absolute Condo in Mississauga. Amenities include parks and bike trails as well as easy access to big box shopping malls in the nearby business park.

Lorne Park

If you're looking to live in a quiet, tree lined community with over 37 acres of park, trail, and conservation area, Lorne Park is your obvious choice. Many of the roads in this neighborhood are private and therefore contain no through traffic. Homes here will sell for upwards of two million dollars, but considering their size, privacy, and the exclusivity of the neighborhood, that's getting off cheap.

Port Credit

The Port Credit area is popular among well to do professionals with families, such as Mississauga dentists. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario where the Credit River empties, Port Credit's vistas are a lovely combination of green and blue. Most of the homes here are smaller than Lorne Park, but the community centred presence among the neighbors, as represented by their creation of parks, community centers, and festivals is a huge draw for families.

Gordon Woods

Gordon Woods is a unique upscale neighborhood designed around the Muskoka cottage aesthetic but located in downtown Mississauga. Inhabited almost entirely by doctors working at the nearby Trillium hospital, you can bet few of these people are in need of debt consolidation. Mississauga is almost a memory when you enter Gordon Woods, so much does it look like cottage country. Houses here are large, older, and very private with plenty of trees, land, and privacy.

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